Big 4 internship recruiting used to have a specific time of the year, but now it’s spreading out and you should begin to consider any event you attend a recruiting opportunity. As you probably know, the Big 4 accounting firms have great internship offerings. They are very structured and during your internship your firm will give you actual responsibilities, unlike many other industries. During the internship recruiting process, you should inquire with each firm about the different internships they offer. Each firm will offer internships in tax and assurance (audit). Many offices will also have internships in transaction services and some will have internships in forensic accounting, which has recently become popular. You should also look into the special programs being offered. Some of the Big 4 accounting firms offer international internships. For example, PwC allows some recruits to intern in the UK, Italy or Germany.

If you’re a Sophomore, you should look into the Sophomore leadership programs being offered. These usually last for a few days and include an office visit. This will allow you to build a relationship with the Big 4. If the firm is impressed with you during this short time, they will invite you back after your Junior year for an internship. Getting in on a Sophomore leadership program is one of the quickest ways to landing a Big 4 internship (and later, a job).