Many of you have been contacting me for details regarding a Big 4 internship. A lot of the time you want to know the Big 4 internship salary. Yes, these internships are paid. The Big 4 accounting firms not only pay for their internships, but they pay well. You will actually be making more money than a first year associate. You will make approximately $23/hr during your internship (this is the rate of a first-year employee). However, unlike a salaried employee, you will also have the opportunity to earn overtime. During my internship I was working a bit of overtime, and was more than willing because I was being paid $34/hr. If you get an internship, you are basically guaranteed to receive a job offer unless you really mess up. The job offer is yours to lose. This past year was a little different for some of the firms. I heard that KPMG only offered jobs to 60% of its interns in some offices. PwC and EY, however, were around 90% across the board. Usually you have to get poor ratings to not get a job (especially when we aren’t in a recession). The Big 4 internship gives you a great opportunity to see what it’s like to work in the industry because you will have the same responsibilities as a new associate. So if you’re still in college and thinking of pursuing accounting, I highly recommend that you aim for a Big 4 internship because this is the best way to secure a job offer. Good luck!

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