You will receive instant access to the tactics that have been used repeatedly to obtain jobs at PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG.

These insider secrets give you the advantage you need to secure a prestigious Big 4 accounting job.

Two years ago I was right where you are, applying for a job with the Big 4. I was prepared to go blindly into my interviews, having no idea what they would throw at me. Then, while attending the career fair, I discovered a friend that had graduated two years prior to me was now a recruiter at Ernst & Young. After the career fair we met for a cup of coffee and she revealed to me the insider secrets to actually landing a prestigious Big 4 accounting job. The truth was nothing like I had imagined.

I had gone into the career fair fairly knowledgeable about the accounting industry and the Big 4 in general. After the career fair I honestly believed I had impressed the employees and recruiter that I had talked to. While sipping our cappuccinos at the cafe Leah asked me what I had discussed with the other recruiters and employees. I confidently rattled off the questions I had asked:

  • What’s a typical day for an auditor like?
  • How do you think IFRS will affect the accounting industry?
  • What is your firm looking for in a candidate?

Her reaction was unexpected. She gave me one of those awkward, sympathetic smiles. I knew I had messed up. Shit! She explained that she had been asked all of those questions at least twenty times that night. And you know what she told me next? She said she hates answering those questions, and so does everyone else. I will admit, I was a bit sad that I had met with her AFTER the career fair, when I could no longer put her advice to use. Leah proceeded to explain to me what I should have done and revealed secret tactics that “would make every recruiter beg you to join their firm.” She prepped me for my first round interviews and showed me how to truly differentiate myself from the other applicants.

Leah revealed step-by-step tactics I could use to become truly irresistible to these prestigious Big 4 firms.

Luckily, even with my poor career fair performance, I landed a few first round interviews. With the help the Leah’s secrets, I easily nailed my first round interviews. During the interview all I could think about was how much I owed Leah dinner later that week. She had saved me from myself. The Big 4 are a tricky bunch, and it’s too risky to go into the process without insider knowledge. That’s why I’m now passing along the information Leah so gracefully provided me. This information will take you from being young Forrest with leg braces, to Forrest Gump, the man far ahead of the competition. You will learn to:

  • Avoid the #1 mistake that keeps 80% of applicants from being invited for a first-round interview. [page 4]
  • Avoid asking the 5 questions recruiters hate to answer. Asking these will keep you from getting that job. [page 5]
  • Avoid the traps the Big 4 use to weed people out during the first-round interview. [page 7]

This is not just pie-in-the-sky theory here. I wrote a bulk of this guide a year ago with the help of Leah. Then, this past year, we essentially beta tested this guide with six students who were recruiting with the Big 4. We handed them the guide we had worked on and all we asked in return was that they would share their feedback and results with us. We did not provide them any additional coaching or advice. Their results were utterly amazing. Honestly, I did not expect these results. I had hoped that we could get each of them a job with one of the Big 4 firms. I did not expect that each of them would receive multiple job offers. Each of the six students applied to the Big 4. That’s 24 total applications. Of those 24 applications, a whopping 19 turned into first-round job interviews. Even more importantly, 17 of those became full-time offers. It was at this point that I realized we had a guide that was truly unique.

  • Learn the secret to standing out at the career fair. [page 4]
  • Nail the 8 most commonly asked Big 4 interview questions. [page 7]
  • 5 simple ways to impress your interviewer. [page 8]
  • How to make them beg you to accept your job offer. [page 9]

Don’t make the mistake of going into your interviews blindly. When was the last time your career counselor interviewed with the Big 4? What about your professors? Don’t take advice from people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

I just wanted to write to thank you for this great product!

Honestly, I expected this guide to be more of an “overview” than actual strategies I could use. Imagine my surprise when I read it. WOW. I had a low GPA and I still received an internship offer from Deloitte and I’m 100% certain it was because of your guide.


Michael C.
Brigham Young University

This guide is short and doesn’t include the “fluff” you might expect to find. You will receive step-by-step tactics that will get you a prestigious Big 4 accounting job. Imagine yourself reading these secret tactics as you walk to the career fair and implementing them to ensure you receive a first round interview. Now imagine arriving at the first-round interview knowing exactly what the Partner is going to throw at you. After easily fielding these ground balls, imagine how rewarding it will be going into the second round interview and hitting that grand slam because you know exactly what to expect.

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Ross L.
New York University

Because I want to be fair with you and help you land that Big 4 job, I’m willing to give away this information for just $27. I would normally be willing to give this information away for free in order to help you out, but if I were to give these secrets to every student you can see how they would quickly become abused and soon the advantage provided would be erased. For this reason, I’m only going to be offering a limited number of copies of this guide each recruiting season. Once this limited number of guides is gone, the price will increase to $149. I have to do this in order to ensure that you don’t have too much competition. I haven’t yet sold out of the $27 copies yet, but they will be selling out shortly — they sell out every year. Click the order now button to ensure you’re able to get this low $27 price and claim your free Career Guide bonus.
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