Big 4 accounting recruiting may very well be the most important thing you do in your career. Choosing to pursue a career in Big 4 accounting is a wise decision for any business student to make. You must be careful though. Many students will start recruiting for a Big 4 accounting position without adequately preparing themselves. Students often assume that the process will be like other recruiting experiences they have had. Assuming this is a mistake. Big 4 accounting recruiting is a different breed of recruiting, and thus, must be treated as such.

Your interview will focus on behavioral questions. If you’d like help preparing for these types of questions I highly recommend my Big 4 recruiting guide. Good grades and activities are not enough to get you an internship or a job any longer. Six years ago, accounting firms were recruiting heavily and taking anyone they could because they had to grow quickly to fulfill the new work they were given with Sarbox. Now, the Big 4 are able to be much more selective about their hiring and thus, Big 4 recruiting is as competitive as ever. I’d love to help you get that prestigious job you deserve!

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